Scienta nova is specialized in three areas offering our services for the food industry:
·Risk analysis and inspection
·Education and research
· Designing food processing operations including heat penetration validation studies


Finding out a problem is often a mix between a well educated guess and looking for a needle in a hay stack
Solving a problem is often a mix between a well -educated guess and looking for a needle in a haystack

Scienta Nova (Latin for new science) was founded on the first day of this millennium, January 1st 2000. Happily enjoying a sound reputation in the food industry, we operate mostly in the Benelux and Asia and also have many international customers who rely on our capacities and expertise.

How do we operate?
Having a small staff of 4 we work with many ‘temps’ who share their expertise with us. For many unusual and singular subjects very specific knowledge is often required. All employees are well-experienced food technologists who do not shun heavy subjects.

They all have certain qualities such as:
· Innovative
· Independent
· A sense of humour
· Straightforward

Finding the core of the problem sometimes requires a destructive anlaytical method
Finding the core of the problem sometimes requires a destructive anlaytical method

What references do we have?
Telling nice fairy tales about the excellence of a company is not always significant in my opinion and we gladly leave that up to our competitors.
However, we can share some thrilling stories with you of what we have achieved recently:

Handling a recall
A large international customer was stricken by the effects of a product recall. We have temporarily taken over the communication with their customers, authorities and legal bodies. In the meantime the food safety procedures were updated and ‘bullet proofed’.
By creating stability within the organization, the company was within two weeks on its feet again and we could shake hands, concluding a successful damage-control rescue operation.

Commissioning food-processing plants
In Switzerland and in Asia we have designed and supported the commissioning of a food processing plants, Vegetable and meat processing are our speciality. Basically, every plant can be started up by us as long as food technology and common sense is required.

Extending shelf life of products
We are very frequently involved in these projects and sometimes we join in at a stage were the client is at his whit’s end. How to extend the shelf life from three days to 28? This resulted in a row with his customers who believed he was tampering with the product. Shelf-life is an interesting mix between microbiology and discipline during processing. Applying the VMF©* formula we have succeeded in achieving some miraculous results.
*Velzeboer Management Features

Innovation in the fishery sector
Food safety starts with the harvest. On board many food safety issues have been introduced by us. This will result in a longer shelf-life and a more sustainable way of fishery. Currently we are developing new electrical stunning methods for wild catch.

In depth risk analysis of the tropical aqua culture
Triggered by comments of domestic fishermen we decided to visit the Pangasius fishponds in Vietnam twice. We took feed, soil, water and fish samples. The results confirmed our suspicions about the state of this sector. The products are by far not in compliance with international food safety standards and the products are polluted with illegal substances, better known as yield protectors. This results in unfair competition. Our parliament has had a busy and tough time addressing queries from the public. We have made more than 30 publications on this tropical scandal.

Innovation of the education methods
Textbooks are nearly obsolete. Modern education requires an intelligent connection between new media and reliable knowledge. We have developed nearly 3 feet of educational material which has proven to be very successful when teaching young professionals in the food industry. In our textbooks we make many links to internet research applications, allowing the student to acquire his own knowledge driven by personal interest. The answers found are a perfect completion of the educational material. Until now Chat GTP has not surpassed the quality of our curriculum.

Food research
Toxicological and microbiological research has been carried out on fresh salmon, spiced tea’s, allergens, preservatives in seafood,  and processed applesauce. The results of these investigations, which mostly are published for free on our website has helped many processors to update their risk analyses and to get their process in compliance with European regulations. Even the Dutch Food Safety Authority recognizes the value of our research.

These are the ‘Velzeboer Management Features’
Over the years I have developed a method how to address problems, how to get things done and setting up an organization and make it run. Forceful methods only work in repressive organizations.

The VMF consists of three essential management components:
· Keep ears to the ground
·Answer the question of who does what, when, how and why
·Give in and bounce back, giving support.

We have made a matrix in English illustrating how food can be f..cked up. Better said: Buggered up. It is a famous matrix illustrating the creativity of those who tamper our food.

Has this story caught your attention?

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Like our way of working. Contact me and lets have a lot of professional fun together
Liking our way of working? Contact me and lets have a found professional cooperation

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